Polnische Historische Mission

Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland, Philosophisches Zentrum (7/U/9)
97074 Würzburg, Deutschland
e-mail: renata.skowronska@uni-wuerzburg.de

Würzburg; foto: Bartłomiej Łyczak

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

As the editing team, the Editing Board and the Scientific Board aim at maintaing the highest quality of the scientific papers published in Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej = Bulletin der Polnischen Historischen Mission, they make sure that all the intellectual rights are observed and the reliability of the content of the papers published in the journal is maintained in accordance with the ethical standards established by the Commitee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at all stages of the reviewing process. These standards determine the final and unquestionable rules of the reviewing process and editing of the manuscripts. The editing team, the Editing Board and the Scientific Board of Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej declare that compliance with the rules is not influenced by any relations with the sphere of business.

In accordance with the above, the following duties of all parties engaged in the reviewing process have been established:


The reviewers of the manuscripts submitted to Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej are obliged to:

  1. Review the manuscripts in a meticulous and objective way according to the ethical standards and avoid all non-scientific criticism;
  2. Endeavour to improve the scientific value of the reviewed manuscripts;
  3. Withdraw from the reviewing process if they do not feel competent in the field the article is written in or there is a conflict of interests with the author of the manuscript;
  4. Inform the editors in case of breach of ethical standards of the reviewed manuscripts, including mostly plagiarism and autoplagiarism;
  5. Abide by the rules of confidentiality of information connected with the reviewing process.

The authors of the manuscripts submitted for reviewing in Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej are obliged to:

  1. Ensure that all submitted manuscripts are original and authentic;
  2. Ensure that all manuscripts have not been submitted for review in other scientific journals;
  3. Cooperate with the editors in the reviewing and editing process of the manuscripts under review;
  4. Disclose information on any previous publishing of the paper, if it is a full or part reprint;
  5. Disclose sources of funding of the research whose results are presented in the manuscripts;
  6. Disclose a complete list of authors of the manuscripts;
  7. Obtain consent for the publication of other copyrighted elements of the manuscript (e.g. illustrations, photos);
  8. Disclose information about a potential conflict of interests which can take place in the reviewing and editing process of the manuscripts;
  9. Expressing the wish to publish a paper in Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej is tantamount to agreeing to points 1 and 2.


The members of the editing team of Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej are obliged to:

  1. Make decisions regarding the publication of the manuscripts only on the basis of their intellectual content, without regard to ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sex, citizenship and political philosophy of the authors;
  2. Make objective decisions regarding the acceptance of the manuscripts for publishing and notify the authors of the manuscripts together with the justification;
  3. Provide information about the reviewing process of the manuscripts on the webpage;
  4. Maintain full anonymity in the process of reviewing the manuscripts and not disclose the contents of the review to a third party;
  5. Withdraw from the editing process in case of conflicts of interests with the author;
  6. Inform the authors about any suggestions for changes in their manuscripts excluding layout and grammatical and typographic mistakes.